Church Ministries

    Grace Bible Church supports many ministries.

Men's Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship meets each week for breakfast and a Bible Message.  In addition, other outings through the year always includes fishing.

Pregnancy Resource Center

We believe it is important to support young women in need.

John 3:16

John 3:16 yard signs provide an important message to the community.

Ladies Fellowship

The ladies of the church meet each month in fellowship.

Children Rescue Center

The mission: To facilitate the love of Jesus to children and families in need in the inner city and beyond by providing services and activities to meet individual needs with a holistic comprehensive approach.

Created Equal

A ministry training young people defend the right to life of unborn children in the public square.

Bible Doctrines to Live By

Grace provides financial support.

Wilkins Radio

Wonderful Christian Radio Content. We embrace the historic and orthodox teachings of the Christian faith as found in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

Fair Ministry

Grace tries to attend either the Clark County Fair or the Champaign County Fair to spread the Grace of God.

Brook Seekins - Grace Ministries International

GMI Team Member Brook Seekins’ ministry is in Malawi. Brook assists in worship service and youth leadership training.

Calvary Evangelistic Mission

Calvary Evangelistic Mission, Inc. is an interdenominational, evangelical, Bible- based, nonprofit, faith Mission founded in 1953, and was incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1955 for religious, educational and social ministries.

Urban Light Ministries

For over 30 years Urban Light Ministries has served local families. Since 2006 we have focused on building fathers in the Springfield, Ohio area.

Campus Crusade for Christ - Josh & Mary Storie

Josh and Mary Storie work on college campuses with Cru to:

1.  Introducing lost students to Jesus Christ
2.  Building students up in their faith and helping them grow in their love for the Lord.
3.  Equiping, mobilizing, and sending out students from the Knoxville area to the world, as laborers for the Great Commission.

Berean Bible Institute

The BBI provides Grace-based Biblical education for laymen and pastors.

Bernardo and Carol Craesmeyer

Missionaries in Brazil.


Kerry & Raquel Anderson BEA Ministries

Kerry and Raquel are involved in various ministries in São Paulo, Brazil. Kerry serves with COMEV and procures films from the USA for the TEOmidia streaming platform. He and Raquel also serve at Calvary International Church. Raquel leads Revive Our Hearts Brazil.

Caribbean Radio Lighthouse

As a missionary radio station, the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse broadcasts the good news of God’s Word to the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.

Harvest Aviation

Harvest Aviation exists to glorify Jesus Christ through aviation-related ministry.  Primary to accomplishing this purpose, Harvest Aviation provides flight service to deliver supplies and equipment to missionaries serving Jesus Christ on the mission field in Central America and the Caribbean.

Shepard's Ministries

Rev. John Shepherd has been studying, teaching, and preaching on Biblical Prophecy for over 40 years. Throughout all his teachings, Rev. Shepherd strives to break through the deception of denominational doctrine to lay bare the truth of the Word of God, and alert the world of the very real dangers we all face.

Berean Bible Society

The Purpose of the Berean Bible Society is to help you understand and enjoy the Bible. The Mission of BBS is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming the whole counsel of God according to the revelation of the Mystery.

Answers in Genesis

Grace provides financial support.